My first sex toy test (Jessii-van-Riva)

Hi there, something new and special today. I got two toys from a nice user. (Thanks again for this: *) which of course I had to test out of curiosity. At the beginning I was a little skeptical, especially with the first little part I didn't know how to use it. But never mind, I don't read a manual for a sex toy. I can do it alone. So just try it out. I had a lot of fun with the second toy that I actually already knew. But have a look how I do it myself with the little fun machines. And whether I have reached the climax, well you can see in the video. : * Greetings Jessii

Starring: Jessii-van-Riva
Categories: Piercings, Sex Toys, Teens
Length: 7:31
Type: FLV


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