My 2nd VIDEO - almost caught! Private insights (LinaWinter)

I'm still shaking a little bit, I'm totally embarrassed. I was in a bit of an emergency right now. How do I start best? It's all so new for ... I don't dare much yet, but I wanted to show something that is really super private for me and somehow very intimate. Please don't laugh ... I made a video where I dance ... I'm sure you're used to very different things here, but for me that's something very special. I wasn't allowed to do that before, especially not in this dress. gave me a friend from school, my only friend from "outside". I've never danced in front of people, only secretly for myself. When my porters have just slipped down, there is a sudden knock! I live here with a friend's family and his mother always comes straight in. Rightly she asked me why I wear such a dress in winter and what I do at all? I stammered about "trying on" and "new dress" and hope she didn't notice anything. I was so scared!

Starring: LinaWinter
Categories: Big Tits, Submissive, Teens
Length: 3:19
Type: FLV


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